Walk and Talk Therapy

The beauty of autumn trees and sloping fields

Walk and talk therapy happens in the outdoors; the natural environment becomes the therapy room. I meet with clients at an agreed place in the countryside or an uncrowded outdoor space and we walk together and talk about what is important to the client. Since Covid, it has become a more popular means of connecting therapists and clients because of the safer environment it offers, substantially lowering the risk of infection. We can still meet safely in person, which some people find preferable to working online.

More than …

Walk and Talk is much more than being just an alternative space to meet. You may have experienced the benefits of being outside in the natural world already. The many benefits of being in nature are well backed up by research. Rather than being stuck in our heads, our senses become stimulated, we connect with our bodies and the environment. We notice the beauty of our surroundings. We become aware of the world around us. We can breathe and be at peace, physically and mentally grounded, in the moment. Stresses and worries start to recede. Our bodies are in motion, a comforting and gentle rhythm. The movement can trigger the release of endorphins which make us feel happier.

What lies ahead ?

What nature can teach us

Nature can become a third participant in the therapy, a means of exploring and getting to know ourselves, our likes and dislikes, our exhilarations and discomforts, through our present experience, through the triggering of meaningful memories, and the use of metaphor in the landscape. We can find hidden meanings and values we hold through our interactions with the outside world. Perhaps we will connect with that which is bigger than ourselves and our personal problems. We may be able to find a new perspective on the way we can chose to live. Or perhaps it will be just the ability to tap into our inner child and find the enjoyment of being at play which triggers our personal growth.

If this is something you would like to explore, please contact me.

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