What does good therapy look like?

Does Instagram sometimes make you cringe? I’ve been posting content on Instagram for nearly a year now @belgamlincounselling. The amount of mental health and therapy content on this popular social media channel is huge! Some of it is very, very good, but also I’m noticing a feeling of disquiet in me around content I’ve seen… Continue reading What does good therapy look like?

A bridge to somewhere

A bridge takes us from one place to another, with more ease. If this basic wooden bridge wasn’t there I would either have to leap and hope for the best (probably not a good idea for me!) or scramble down and up a steep bank getting my feet wet in the process. This way takes… Continue reading A bridge to somewhere

Sleeping Beauty

Working with metaphor can be fun and revealing ! In this post I explore a combination of using a fairy tale and the natural environment when I was working in an orchard. Once upon a time there was a forest of Thorns… Recently I have been working in an old orchard which has become overrun… Continue reading Sleeping Beauty

Food, Gut and Mental Health

I recently attended an online lecture with Margret O’Brien, nutrition and lifestyle coach, though Iron Mill College. The main message was that it has been proven by research that good nutrition supports good mental health and poor nutrition can contribute to mental health problems. This post will share some of the main points which caught… Continue reading Food, Gut and Mental Health

Let the children play

Let the children have their way Let the children play Let the children play Carlos Santana / Leon N Patillo ‘Let the children play’ is a sentiment very close to my heart at the moment. Children of Ukraine Events in Ukraine serve to focus my thoughts on children where their previously safe world has suddenly… Continue reading Let the children play

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